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Luck of the Irish

I found a bunch of old music on my computer. The only bad thing is it's bittersweet. I mean I haven't listened to like half of this since graduation or before. It just reminds of everything. Driving around and being stupid, and us taking pictures of random people. Sitting at Dwights all night long laughing.  It also reminds me of Bobby and Dustin. How we would drive to  Charleston just to catch a movie. We all went to see Pete Yorn,Granddaddy,and Rooney in Columbus. That was such an adventure. Going to see A.F.I. with Jared and getting a "ticket".

I've been able to hang out with Bobby and Belinda lately though. Thats been nice. We to a show to see him in the new band. They put on a great show. I've been able to hang out with Mary Beth, and we've pretty much been able to pick up where we left off.

I guess this post should have just been a list of what a miss. Missing gets old, and I'm learning it slowly. So I guess it's time to make new memories. I really haven't since I've been back here. I want more memories from here. Not when I'm out in Cali. I mean I guess Ghostbuster farting and throwing taco bell out the window lol. Jeff would have so eaten that LOL. Ghostbuster and I getting the poop scared out of us. OMG BRITTANY'S NOSE HOLES LMAO. "I wanna see if this can fit up my nose." In a way i just feel like things are gonna start changing in a different way. Maybe it's just where I'm getting older. Also where everyone is getting older also. I just feel like we'll move out of this town soon. It's scary, but I'm sooo excited. If we want a happy ending it won't fall in our laps like it did before. We've learned our lesson. We'll have to work for the happy ever after ending. I guess I'm ok with that.

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