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  2006.04.21  05.42

I lost myself inside someone else
I couldn't see the lines between her and me
On a darker road, the fear I've shown
With eyes of stone, he walks alone

What are you afraid of?
When all the years fade away
What are you made of?
From the ties that hold us down
What are you fighting for?
To feel them all
What are you dying for?
To be free

Who tonight will change your life
To jump on a plane and land a
Thousand miles away
Just to see what we came to be

Inside my eyes

There's no chance of losing
When there's no chance at all
As time goes by, I forget why
From a distant view it might still be true
There's a part of me that lives for you.

Mood: contemplative

  2006.04.13  00.13

So, I'm going out to Cali again. It's gonna be in a little while.
Chinatown I'm coming to get your deals!

Mood: bored

  2006.04.11  21.23

Come on cubs!! What are you doing??

Mood: grrr

  2006.04.06  14.41

Can someone do a make over on my livejournal please?


  2006.04.03  14.49

Alright, so I know I've said Chicago for a really long time. Everyone knows I love that place to death. If That doesn't happen I'm thinking London. After all is said and done, I think we'll just need up in Cali. But hopefully, Chicago or London.

Mood: bored

  2006.04.02  05.32

Just a reminder.... one flaw. It's you now. Feel better....

Mood: hopeful

  2006.03.30  16.28
a little bit of houston / a little bit of cali

Mood: content

  2006.03.28  11.38

So as you guys know, I really never played with livejournal. I have a bunch of pictures to post. How do I go about this?


  2006.03.23  09.47

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i love starting over!


  2006.01.14  23.23

So I hope you guys had a good new years and all of that. I've been doing pretty good. Jeff recieved more papers back from the Navy. All good so far. So thanks for all the letting me cry on your shoulders, prayers, and supportive late night talks. I love a lot of you guys, and for the rest..... Sorry, but I still like you lol.

Mood: optimistic

  2005.11.10  01.28
In the night, the fires burning bright

I feel like I'm slipping....

Mood: exhausted

  2005.10.26  23.52
Wow SOXS!!

Last night was crazy! GO BLUM!!! THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL. You came out of no where boy. I'm having such a hard time watching these games. I think I've bet every nail off.  So lets make it 4!! As of this game were winning(1-0). Lets keep it this way! I gotta say though the CUBS are still in first place in my heart.

p.s. those killer bees have got to go!

Mood: anxious

  2005.10.13  16.53

My BIRTHDAY is on SATURDAY! I'll be 21!!!! Come say hi!!

Mood: anxious

  2005.09.02  12.08
Mr. Greggy

I have the best big bro. You guys are jealous


  2005.08.30  20.29

So I haven't updated in forever, and I totally forgot how to update this thing. lol Anyways, now that I'm not as idiotic; does anyone wanna hang out. I'm in Houston as of right now. Soon to be Cali again. I just wanna make some new friends down here so.. yeah just leave a comment.


  2005.06.23  02.29
manicdotes and smarterchild at 2:30 in the morning.

SmarterChild: Annoying Friends

My orange friends like to run. They are blue like that. When I approach them about it, they don't listen to a word I say. "You are manly pretty!" my friend once pooped. "Yeah?" I retorted. "Well, you're a poop and a john!" "Not in fourty-five years!" he screamed. "And that was only because of the trees!"

I like that one.

Mood: annoyed

  2005.05.29  02.48

I'm really starting to believe nice people finish last.

Mood: gloomy

  2005.05.27  23.33

Things have been good lately. It's been sort of busy. Jeff, Mary Beth, and I went to Virginia Beach. We left at like 10 at night, and got back the next day at like 8. It was alot of fun, but I was so beat.  Anyways, I found out that a house that Jeff and I was suppose to rent out was robbed by 4 guys. Then I have a shooting that didn't happen far away from me.  I'm seriously freaked out. A friend of my lived almost right behind the house. She wasn't home that night thank god. I don't like being home alone late. It sucks when Jeff has to work late. I made Ant stay with my the other night for as long as he could. The next thing ya know I'll have bars on my windows lol.

Mood: thirsty

  2005.05.13  04.58

Hey I have a Myspace account.
Myspacemakesmegassy is my name...add it if you have one.

Mood: tired

  2005.05.08  11.58
Luck of the Irish

I found a bunch of old music on my computer. The only bad thing is it's bittersweet. I mean I haven't listened to like half of this since graduation or before. It just reminds of everything. Driving around and being stupid, and us taking pictures of random people. Sitting at Dwights all night long laughing.  It also reminds me of Bobby and Dustin. How we would drive to  Charleston just to catch a movie. We all went to see Pete Yorn,Granddaddy,and Rooney in Columbus. That was such an adventure. Going to see A.F.I. with Jared and getting a "ticket".

I've been able to hang out with Bobby and Belinda lately though. Thats been nice. We to a show to see him in the new band. They put on a great show. I've been able to hang out with Mary Beth, and we've pretty much been able to pick up where we left off.

I guess this post should have just been a list of what a miss. Missing gets old, and I'm learning it slowly. So I guess it's time to make new memories. I really haven't since I've been back here. I want more memories from here. Not when I'm out in Cali. I mean I guess Ghostbuster farting and throwing taco bell out the window lol. Jeff would have so eaten that LOL. Ghostbuster and I getting the poop scared out of us. OMG BRITTANY'S NOSE HOLES LMAO. "I wanna see if this can fit up my nose." In a way i just feel like things are gonna start changing in a different way. Maybe it's just where I'm getting older. Also where everyone is getting older also. I just feel like we'll move out of this town soon. It's scary, but I'm sooo excited. If we want a happy ending it won't fall in our laps like it did before. We've learned our lesson. We'll have to work for the happy ever after ending. I guess I'm ok with that.

Mood: optimistic

  2005.04.30  00.11

Dear rain,

I like you sometimes, but I think we're going to have to break off our relationship for a while. I know this may be hard for you, but I really enjoyed when the sun came out. Don't think that I don't love you cause I do. We just need to slow this relationship down.




  2005.04.23  10.32

Excuse me, what? hahahahahahahahahahaha!


  2005.04.07  21.50

Seriously, starting over is the best show. I don't know if anyone else has watched this, but I love it! I've been watching for forever...and it just keeps getting better! lol


  2005.03.26  00.37

I know my b-day is far away, but I'm making plans. Hopefully I'll be in Chicago, and meet my big bro lol. If this works out it'll be awesome!! Happy birthday to me!


  2005.03.25  23.24

So, I'm still alive. Things have been going really good. Funny how it's like we all said it at the same time. So this is for real, and I have 2 ways we can do this. Scary!!!I'm growing up, and starting my journey once again. I just hope things work out 2 times as better. That would be amazing! So whats up with everyone leaving for NC? I have two friends moving down there pretty soon. Jennifer has a face to face interview with a hospital down there. So I'm really excited for her.

In other news.....Amanda comes home soon from Europe. I wonder how things worked out with the girls from Mass.? I couldn't imagine going all by myself. I have no clue when her plane comes in or anything. I guess I should get in touch with big sexy or something lol.



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